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Private Hire Licence

Private Hire Licence

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Private Hire Drivers: English Test for Transport of London (TfL)

From 14th October 2016 onwards, all private hire drivers have to pass an English Test when applying for licence to TfL (Transport of London). This requirement applies to both new and renewal licence applications.

Private Hire Driver: English Test for Transport of London (TfL)

From 14 October 2016, all private hire drivers must pass an English test when applying for a license for the TfL (Transport to London). This requirement applies to both new and renewal license applications.

Under the new policy, TfL requires all drivers at CEFR B1 level to communicate in English. This level of English is sufficient for drivers to communicate with passengers. Drivers in this English level can understand destinations, discuss routes, provide fares, and read traffic signs along the way. The driver may also be able to respond to important safety and travel information sent by TfL.

From 14 October 2016: Transitional Process

All applicants applying on or after 14 October 2016 must have passed the test of English before 31 March 2017. Any license holder who does not satisfy TfL by meeting the English language requirement may face licensing action.

From 1 April 2017:

All applicants applying after 1 April 2017 must meet the English language requirement before applying for a license. The license will not be issued if proof of English language is not provided with the application.

www.Englishuktestbooking.com is the booking website for booking English Tests for TfL. The English Test for Private Hire Drivers is required to pass the Common European Framework of Reference (“CEFR”) English Test at B1 level in all four modules including Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

It is important to know that not all CEFR B1 qualifications are approved by TfL. Therefore applicants are advised to book the test which is approved by TfL. On this website, you have selected the exam type as Private Hire Driver. This test will allow you to sit for B1 for private hire drivers at the B1 level in all four modules.

About B1 Test for Private Hire Driver:

The B1 test has four modules; Reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

read write

2 hours:

2 x Reading Functions

1 x Reading in Writing Task

1 x Writing Task

speaking and listening

18 Minutes:

1 x Subject Task

1 x Conversation Task

2 x listening functions

All four modules can be done in a single day.

The certificate will be provided within 15 working days

Training and learning material for the test:

English Test UK will provide all the learning materials and guidance notes once the test is booked. Comprehensive guidance documents regarding the exam format, topics to be asked by the examiner in the exam (speaking module), marking criteria, and scoring charts will be provided to you.

Moreover, we will provide you the official sample practice papers with answers. Once you go through all the preparation material you will be more than confident to appear for the exam.

Mock Tests for Speaking and Listening:

We can also arrange free mock tests with one of our trained evaluators. This process helps the candidate to assess their current level of preparation. Then our evaluators can advise you to go ahead with the exam or postpone it.

Book Test:

To book a test for Private Hire Drivers (B1) visit our Book Now section at the top and select ISE 1 B1 / Private Hire Drivers. If you require any assistance during the booking process you can call our office on 0333 444 0110.

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