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English Test UK wants all their candidates to pass their test at the first attempt. We therefore go an extra mile and support our students to prepare for their upcoming test. We ensure that you have all the knowledge about the test format and there are no surprises during the test on the day.

Through our experience and knowledge we have developed learning material and sample tests which are very similar to the actual test. Once you go through the preparation material, you will have a clear idea on the format of the test, the type of questions that can be asked and the expected level of answers.

We have prepared learning material for all different awarding bodies at different levels:

ESOL Entry Level 1 / A1 Level (Speaking and Listening)

ESOL Entry 3 level / B1 Level (Speaking and Listening)

ESOL Level 1 / B2 Level (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing)

English Test UK offers tests from different awarding bodies therefore once you have selected your type of test, date and venue we will be able to guide you better on the preparation material.

Telephone Support

English Test UK also provides telephone support to all our registered students who need clarity on the learning material. You can call us anytime to understand the format of the exam.

Classroom Training

English Test UK is also working in collaboration with many ESOL Training providers in different parts of the UK to provide additional support to our candidates. We understand that some of you may need classroom training therefore we have selected high quality ESOL training providers who can offer you training for your test. Please call us to find out the nearest ESOL training provider from your location.

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