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August 6, 2021

Life in the UK Test Booking Center Birmingham

English UK Test Booking makes sure that you are prepared for the exam in advance and therefore we provide you with suitable learning materials to help you prepare for your test.

ESOL B1 or ESOL A1 is a course that focuses entirely on your speaking and listening ability, the whole and sole purpose of this test is to test the speaking and listening skills of applicants.

This exam is divided into two categories, first, the candidate has to qualify as a test taker and the second part is conducted with a candidate. For the Life in the UK Test, applicants are awarded certificates by the respective governing bodies.

From 28 October 2013, the Home Office has made it mandatory for all applicants applying for an indefinite leave/naturalization/spouse visa, to demonstrate their knowledge of the language and pass the “Life in the UK” test is mandatory.

This test consists of 24 questions based on the Life in UK Handbook. You must score at least 18 or above to pass the exam. The test is for 45 minutes.

The following documents are required to book your test in Birmingham UK.

• Passport may be out of date

• UK photocard driving license full or provisional

• Convention Travel Document (CTD), Certificate of Identity Document (CID) or Stateless Person Document (SPD)

• EU Identity Card

• Immigration status document with UK residence permit on passport and a photo that can be out of date

• Biometric residence permit

You will also need to carry the original proof of your address proof to the exam center.

For any queries, you can call the “Life in UK Tests” helpline on 0800 015 4245 (Monday Fri, 8 am-6 pm) as well as visit our FAQ section.

English UK Test Booking specializes in providing you with a qualification that is required by the Home Office for your application.

Language knowledge requirements can be achieved by obtaining one of the approved qualifications in English / ESOL.

English Test UK conducts tests across the country and can qualify you within a few days. Click on Life in the UK Test Dates in Birmingham UK to find the date and location closest to your test. Contact us if you need a date or location that is not listed and we can provide you with an alternative arrangement.

You can visit our Life in the UK Test Preparation section to learn more about how it works.

You can also refer to our Life in the UK Test FAQ section to learn about English UK Test Booking.

If you are applying for indefinite leave or naturalization you may be required to pass the life test in the UK. This test is meant to test your knowledge of British customs and traditions. If your age is less than 18 years and more than 65 years then you are exempted from this exam.

It is mandatory for every applicant applying for ILR or British citizenship to have certification with a Life in UK certificate in B1. The B1 English test consists of two phases, each phase lasting up to 5 minutes.

In the first phase, the topic chosen by the learners from the given options is discussed while in the second phase the conversation is tested by the examinees on the various subject areas chosen by the examiner.

When you go to the UK with Spouse Visa you get initially two and a half years stay, if you want to extend your visa for another two and a half years and make a total duration of 5 years, you need to clear the A1 exam or Trinity A1 exam which will give you another two and a half year visa.

If anyone is looking to stay in the UK or wants to extend their visa at English UK Test Booking we offer Life in the UK Tests in Birmingham and other areas of the UK. After clearing your A1 exam another window opens with the Like in UK exam for you to clear your B1 exam.

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