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What is the ESOL A2 Test ?

As per Home Office guidelines, any applicant applying for further extension of stay (spouse/parent visa extension) must have at least one level of speech and hear at CEFR level A2. Must pass the Secure English Language Test (SELT).


This is a house Office condition that requires the non-EEA citizen to bypass a SELT in speaking along with listening at level A2 after two also a half years in the UK to extend their visas, which in turn be eligible for additional Will do Leave for five years’ companion or unique route to settlement.

Changes in English Language Requirement

When applying for further leave/extension (spouse/parent visa extension) to stay from ESOL (A1) (entry level 1) level to ESOL (A2) (entry level 2) since November 2016 Requirements have changed. If you must already be passed ESOL at the A1 level, you will be needed to sit for ESOL A2 level (Entry Level 2) by an approved SELT center.


The new A2 requirement complements the government’s manifesto commitment to ensuring that those coming to the UK on a family visa with only native English will become more fluent over time. This would mean that the individual could be better involved in everyday interactions and thus better participate and integrate into everyday life in the community.

Where can I sit for the SELT approved A2 Test ?

English Test UK suggests Entry Level 2 / A2 CEFR tests at multiple places within the UK. We provide qualifications approved by the Home Office and work with approved examination bodies to provide qualifications to candidates who are applying for additional leave (spouse/parent visa extension). Then you can fill the form to book your seat. We provide all qualifications which are in the SELT list and SELT-approved test center.

How to prepare for the English A2 Test ?

Once you have booked your exam with us we will you with suitable study stock that will guide you on the format of the exam. We will also provide you the guidelines for the exam so that you are well prepared for the exam. For more details visit our preparation section.

We also offer classroom-based training sessions with our selected English language training providers. The fee for the training is different and varies from center to center.

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