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August 4, 2021

B1 English Exam Booking Centre Birmingham UK

If you are looking for a B1 English Test in Birmingham then you are at the right place. We are one of the leading providers of B1, ESOL, Entry Level 3 exams, and English tests.

We specialize in providing you with a qualification required by the Home Office to approve your application.

As of 28 October 2013, the Home Office has made it mandatory for all applicants applying for indefinite leave (ILR) / naturalization/spouse visa to demonstrate their knowledge of the language and “Life in the UK”. Can pass the test.

Language knowledge requirements can be obtained by obtaining one of the qualifications approved in English / ESOL.

The English Test UK Booking conducts tests across the country including Birmingham furthermore may qualify you within some days. Click on B1 English Test dates in Birmingham UK to locate the most next date also the place for your test. If you require a date or place that is not listed, contact us and we can also offer you alternative arrangements.

If you are looking for the IELTS Life Skills Test in Birmingham UK, what has got for you other than the B1 English test? The IELTS Life Skill is a brand new test launched in the UK to address the impending immigration issue.

 IELTS is acceptable for indefinite leave and naturalization. Candidates are tested on four modules of speaking, listening, reading, and writing and commented on the score table as 0 to 9.

If you belong to a non-English speaking country, this test is a must in Birmingham UK taking into account different requirements such as study visa and immigration reasons. You can also take a closer look at the B1 English test by the UK.

English Test UK Booking makes sure you are ready for the test before you try it and so we provide you with the appropriate learning materials to prepare for your test.

 You can visit our B1 English Test Preparation section to learn more about how it works.

 You can also get help from our FAQ section to learn about the B1 English test.

 If you are joining for ILR or naturalization in Birmingham you may require passing a Life in Test in the UK. This test is to test your understanding of British customs also traditions. You are exempt from this test if you are below 18 also over 65.

The test costs 50 and you can sit for the test at any of the 60 accepted test centers across the UK, including Birmingham. When you book for your test, you can find out about life in the UK’s test center.

The ESOL B1 Test can be booked at any of the 10+ locations at www.englishuktestbooking.com including the B1 English Test in Birmingham UK.

You can check the open dates for ESOL B1 or ESOL A1 exam through our website. Once received from any of the award institutions in Birmingham UK, the test is valid for 2 years.

Demand for these tests is high due to the lack of space available. Relevant exams require a lot of practice to pass, so it is important to have preparation material for the exam before attempting it. You can book your B1 English Test at ETUK in Birmingham UK.

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