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August 5, 2021

A2 English Test Booking Center Birmingham UK

English Test A2 / ESOL Admission Level 2 / A2 what is CEFR / GESE Grade 3?

The English Test A2 (also called A2 CEFR or ESOL Entry Level 2 or GESE Grade 3) is mandatory for applicants seeking extension objectives (spouse/parent’s visa extension / other stay leave).

ESOL stands for ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’, CEFR stands for ‘General European Framework Reference for Languages’ and GESE stands for ‘Graded Exams in Spoken English’. The only two modes of this test are “speaking and listening”.

According to changes made to the Home Office’s requirements in November 2016, non-European Economic Area (EEA) citizens are required to pass an A2 test at an approved SELT center to prove this after two years in the UK. They have become more fluent in everyday conversation in English over time.

Please note that there is no need to pass the ‘Life in UK Test’ for extension purposes but candidates can apply for the A2 test if they have already taken the A1 English test.

If the candidate has already passed the A1 test, he/she needs to pass the A2 test for the purpose of further leave (spouse/parent’s visa extension).

Where and how can you apply for the A2 test?

The English UK Test works including SELT (Safe English Language Test) centers recommended by the Home Office that give these tests at several locations within the UK.

Applicants who wish to apply for further vacation stay (spouse/parent visa extension) can book this test with us. For bookings, find your nearest location by clicking on dates and locations and then fill out the form.

What do you need to complete English Test A2?

You need one of the following documents:

  • Passport (must be dated)
  • Biometric Residence Permit Card
  • EU ID card
  • Immigration status documents
  • Travel documents

How can you prepare for English Test A2?

After booking your test with us, we provide you with study material to prepare your test so that you can be 100% confident to pass your test on the first attempt. For more information on the preparation section.

If you need help booking your test, call us on 0800 015 4245 (Monday Fri, 8 am-6 pm)

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